Cyber Crime Review
Cyber Crime Review

November 2023


Statistics of Cyber Crimes by Total Number of Victims

Cyber CrimesCyber Crimes

According to the FBI, the #1 most common cyber crime is non-payment or non-delivery, which means someone did not receive payment for something they sold or someone didn’t receive an item for which they had paid for. At #2 on this list is extortion, followed by personal data breaches at #3. The “no lead value” at #4 is what the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) classifies as incomplete cyber crime complaints so they don’t have an official category for nearly 37,000 complaints (maybe they should use “unknown” as this is easier to understand). At #5 is Phishing (unsolicited emails), Vishing (unsolicited phone calls), Smishing (unsolicited text messages) and Pharming (use of fake websites). The sixth most common type of cyber crime is BEC/EAC fraud. If you are wondering what BEC/EAC fraud is, it stands for Business Email Compromise/Email Account Compromise and it involves people tricked into wiring funds to the wrong account.

Types of Cyber Crimes

Table of Crimes by Type and Count of Victims

Crime Type Victims
Non-Payment/Non-Delivery 65116
Extortion 51146
Personal Data Breach 50642
No Lead Value 36936
Phishing/Vishing/Smishing/Pharming 26379
BEC/EAC 20373
Confidence Fraud/Romance 18493
Harassment/Threats of Violence 18415
Advanced Fee 16362
Identity Theft 16128
Spoofing 15569
Overpayment 15512
Credit Card Fraud 15210
Employment 14979
Tech Support 14408
Real Estate/Rental 11300
Government Impersonation 10978
Other 10826
Lottery/Sweepstakes 7146
Misrepresentation 5959
Investment 3693
Malware/Scareware/Virus 2811
Corporate Data Breach 2480
IPR/Copyright and Counterfeit 2249
Denial of Service/TDoS 1799
Ransomware 1493
Crimes Against Children 1394
Re-shipping 907
Civil Matter 768
Charity 493
Health Care Related 337
Gambling 181
Terrorism 120
Hacktivist 77

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